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Zhen Fu Industries Sdn. Bhd. was established by 2002 in Selangor, Malaysia by group of experienced personnel from office furniture industry. With such valuable team as backbone, the company grow constantly and immediately become leader in office chair plywood board industry of Malaysia.

We advocate sustainable wood industry and we are fully comply wood exportation standards from Europe and Japan. With such compliance and acknowledgement from these countries, bringing our product to the international stage. Our production line is growing bigger to fulfill international market demand.

Our products exported to Singapore, Dubai, Thailand, Pakistan & India and is expanding to other regions.

We Committed For Quality And Abide With Sustainable Wood Industry

Malaysia is a tropical country which rich with vast range of tropical woods. Despite of that, we know the importance and abide with laws for wood industry. While committing for finest quality in our products, we have zero tolerance of illegal logging activities.

To strive for more success, the management decided to adopt automation for the production line. In year of 2000, our plant started to use automated machine by ABB Robotic. Our company is generous in internal investment in hardware, yet, training is constant provided for our staff to collaborate with the hardware enhancement.

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